(Office Nomad says) Thanks, EzyInsights!

21/10/2014 (Office Nomad says) Thanks, EzyInsights!

Can’t believe it’s been three weeks since I finished my first Office Nomad month at EzyInsights. Here’s what I learned during the month which I spent in the same room with people who are passionate about developing the world’s most simple to use social media analytics tool.

Even though I had spent the last four years working solely with social media, I wish I had spent more time thinking about engagement and related social media metrics. Had I known then what I know now, I would have done a better job!

The guys and gals at EzyInsights spend a lot of time educating prospective clients about the importance of generating engagement on social media. It’s a little sad, granted that everyone who works with social media should know how important it is.

So, what did I learn? A lot, but if you had to summarise it all in one image, this would be it. In short, it became crystal clear to me why engagement matters.


Better organic reach. As a brand, it could be that as little as 1-2 % of your Facebook fans actually see your Facebook posts. The more likes, comments and shares your posts get, the more people will see your post in the Facebook news feed. 

Better marketing ROI. Like explained above, content, which generates organic engagement gets increased visibility in Facebook’s news feed.

The better content you create on a continuous basis, the more visibility all your posts get in the long run. If you continuously create content that people like, share and comment, Facebook ”learns” that what you produce is something people will want to see and shows more of that to users. On the contrary: if what you produce is consistently not interesting, to your fans, Facebook will punish you and show less of your stuff to your followers.

Ultimately, what Facebook cares about is a good user experience – and money. Brands, who understand this and help Facebook to create a good experience by generating interesting content, get better results (higher reach and improved CTR) for less money. On the contrary, brands, which cannot create interesting content will have to pay to get their posts in people’s news feed.

Improved CTR (click-through rate) As we all know, traditional advertising has lost a lot of its influencing power. In short: people do not trust advertisements any more. People are four times more likely to click on a link that is recommended by a friend than a brand. As a brand, you want your fans to like, comment and share your links, because that is a way more efficient way to attract your fans and their friends to your website.

As a brand you have two options: either you create a good cycle where great content leads to improved organic visibility and better CTR, or a vicious circle where Facebook punishes you for creating uninteresting content and you’ll end up spending more money to get your message across.

To me, it was an eye-opening month. It was great to get to know the lovely people at EzyInsights, immerse myself in the startup culture and hang out in the inspiring environment at Sugar Bay Hub Helsinki.

I wish I had had more time to spend in the office, but September turned out to be a very busy month for me, with a new business to start, new clients to meet – and a broken foot. Apart from the broken food it was a great month, not least because of the lovely people at EzyInsights. I’m glad we’ll continue working together in the future and they’ve definitely gained an engagement advocate in me.

Thank you, EzyInsights, and see ya!


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